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In general a concept of hackerspace (hacklab, hackspace, or makerspace) is a community-operated, not-for-profit organization and workspace where people with common interests, such as computers, electronics, technology, science, digital art, or crafts, can meet, socialize, and collaborate. Wikipedia Hackerspace

Base48 is a hackerspace in Brno, Czech Republic. We are nonprofit organization located in Kralovo pole with some 300m2 of space for creating / repairing / designing your projects or connecting with community.

Why 48?

Why the number 48/0x30/0b00110000? Because the previous space that we used was at Čápkova 48. And because with other numbers like base64 we would have problems being found by people searching for us on google :)

hackerspace base 48
hackerspace base 48

soc_room soc_room 3D_corner vegas_cuppa_tea wood_workshop metal_shop elektro_corner elektro_corner kitchen atelier
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Mojmírovo náměstí 17
Palackého třída 742
Brno - Královo pole
612 00

Web IRC Socials
wiki IRC #base48 Signal group: members only
Web page server: irc.libera.chat Signal group: public
Member Portal port: 6667 Facebook
Mailing Lists channel: #base48 Twitter
Github Members can use base48's irc bouncer Instagram
There is an IRC bot on the channel that informs about changes to the wiki YouTube

In case you want to contact us please use mailing list - rada.


Our legal entity is base48, z.s.
Registered 6.8.2010
IČ: 22859802
Bank account: 2900086515/2010

Scope of our hackerspace

  • Computer Repair corner- IN PREPARATION
  • Bike Repair corner- IN PREPARATION

Equipment and Projects

Category News Old
Equipment Equipment list
Projects New project Template Old projects - Read only
Events Updates Old events - Read only

Join Us

You might want to get in touch digitally first - Drop us a message through the IRC channel #base48. or subscribe yourself to our Mailing Lists.

Anyhow, the best way, how to join us is to join us :). Just come in and socialize a bit. See the instructions on how to get here and introduce yourself. This is required, so we can verify yours pure hacking intentions (: and give us a month (or five visits) to decide about accepting new member. Don't be afraid if you are not talkative - everyone is welcome.

Joining our society involves paying a membership fee at Member Portal, which currently (2024) is 800 CZK (480 CZK for students) per month.

See the part "Becoming a member" for instruction.

Updates for members

Here you can find most recent updates info for members about group projects and upcoming events.

Please inform us (rada) in case of any action from board is required.

For wiki account contact vanicka

Read-only wiki dump:

Old wiki here!