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Since the old Equipment page is so outdated in both the equipment list and the wishlist that it's basically useless, we're splitting a new page, hopefully better organized. It lists stuff that is either needed or just would be useful to have, in case somebody wants to donate it, knows about a good deal or if we want to organize a group buy or buy it from Base48 money if it's generally useful and cheap. Feel free to add stuff you think others would find useful (or correct/remove stuff that we have or don't need), or add stuff from the old list that is still missing and still relevant.

Small stuff


  • Instant glue (vteřiňák)
  • Various wires - the 2,5 mm rolls are running out and perhaps something thinner would be usefull too for small devices

Cables, convertors

  • 3,5 mm jack to 3,5 mm jack cables, perhaps some higher quality ones - they're breaking all the fucking time
  • USB-C *trollface* - we have several members with usb-c phones
  • MicroUSB might be useful, MiniUSB is generally plentiful, although there are some that are power cables only - separate (and visibly mark or throw out) those ones before bringing new ones

Small devices

  • A Memory card reader or two
  • Spare laptop powerbricks - even if you don't know whether someone has a compatible laptop, stronger ones (70W+) can be used as surprisingly good power sources for cheap amps - more noise in Base, easier prototyping
  • Decent PC mice


  • Non-broken office chairs - used and worn is fine, but with working mechanisms and cushions in place

Big stuff