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Check out my RF_stuff page.

I like 8 bit computers, 8bit games, 486 computers, 486 games.

My retro hw:

  • 486 DX4 100MHz 16MB RAM
  • Toshiba T2110 486 75MHz bw screen
  • 486 ?? 66MHz 8MB RAM
  • didaktik kompakt 8bit sinclair clone

I like radios, not an radioamateur yet. I tried to receive signal from amateur sattelites like skcube, vzlusat1.

My radio hardware is:

  • rtl sdr with rtl8187 and R820T2.
  • 433 MHz SAW bandpass filter that removes interference from 88-108MHz FM stations, but doesn't efectivelly block GSM interference from >800MHz

RF measurement tools:

  • noise power source from ebay. It goes to 3,5 GHz but with attenuated output, it's characteristic isn't much flat but it's flat in small band (range of frequencies)

RF tools:

  • crimp tool for SMA and BNC connectors (not that one that is hanging in base)