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The printer is fully functional and prints reasonably well. For prints with larger base (10cm and more) it's better to use brim to avoid warping.



  • Use latest slic3r (1.0.0RC2+), packages available for Fedora 20 and possibly for other distros as well
  • slic3r configs are available at - make sure you are using 'rostock' configs not 'base_*'. Alternatively use 'rostock_slice' script available in the same repository under 'bin' folder.
  • Go to http://octopi.local and upload your gcode file
  • Load the file from the list
  • Wipe the bed of the printer with Alpa or some other alcohol
  • Turn on the printer with the green switch
  • Hit print and observe - if the first layer doesn't sticks to bed, cancel the print, home the printer, clean the mess and repeat. If the print head drags plastic residues during the print of the skirt (few loops around actual print), carefully remove the residue with tweezers as it might get into the printed object itself.
  • When the print job is done, carefully remove the object from bed. If you tear the tape, replace it.
  • Don't leave mess around the printer! You are not the only one who is using it.


Printed parts

Part Required Done
motor_end.stl 3 3 3 3
Modded parts
platform_mod.stl 1 1
carriage-slim_holder_mod.stl 3 3
Bearing upgrade [1] 3 3
Airtripper's Bowden extruder
airtripper-extruder-body.stl 1 1
airtripper-extruder-idler.stl 1 1
airtripper-extruder-strut.stl 1 1
airtripper-extruder-shaft.stl 1 1
Bowden cable & hotend holder [2] 1 1

Stuff to buy

Part Required Where to get it Price Bought/Donated
Teplonoši 1R8 9 cca 160
M3 nuts 100
M3 washers 100
M4 washers 20 donated Hyna
M4 nuts 20 donated Hyna
M6 washers (extruder) 2x2 donated Hyna
M6 nuts (extruder) 2x2 donated Hyna
M8 washers 3 donated Hyna
M8 nuts (+1 for bowden cable holder) 4 donated Hyna
M3x6 3 donated Hyna
M3x12 (platform & carriage joints) 40
M3x15 (idler & motor ends) 30
M3x20 (rods) 20
M3x30 (extruder) 6
M3x45 (extruder) 4
M4x40 (plywood mounting) 16 donated Hyna
M6x30 (extruder mounts) 2x2 donated Hyna
M8x35 (608 ball bearings) 3 donated Hyna
Linear motion
T2.5 Timing belt 5m - ordered
T2.5 pulley 3 1170 CZK (total with belts and shipping) ordered
762x8 mm smooth rod 6 287 Kc bought (Hyna)
LM8UU linear bearing 6 260 Kc bought (Hyna)
608ZZ skateboard ball bearing 1 kit of 10 local supplier in Svitavy (cz) 182 czk bought (cubz)
F608ZZ 8x22x7 flanged ball bearing 1 kit of 10 possible to use 608ZZ with instead
MR105 ZZ Model Miniature Ball Bearing 5x10x4 2
5mm plain insert 2 2x118 Kc bought (Hyna)
ball joint (set of 12) + carbon tubes (2x 1m) 400 Kc (RCPark discount :) bought (Hyna)
PTFE Tube 2x4mm (1 meter) 1 local Brno supplier TBD bought (Hyna)
NEMA 17 stepper motor 4 400 CZK bought
Sanguinololu PCB 1 ~200 CZK bought
Stepsticks 4 ~200 CZK piece + shipping bought
Resist. & capac. many Some special values need to be ordered at GME Sets available.
ATMEGA644p 1 185 czk We got one spare.
FT232RL 1 155 czk ordered
USB connector 1 ordered
LM7805 1 ordered
ATX-4VERTICAL 1 not used
HDDPWR 5v/12v 1 not used
DIP-40 SOCKET 1 Base48 sourced
SHUNT jumper 12 ordered
Male Pin 2p 12 Base48 sourced
FEMALE PIN HEADER, 16p 4 ordered
LED3MM 1 Base48 sourced
16MHz 22pF resonator crystal 1 Base48 sourced
TAC_SWITCHPTH 1 Base48 sourced
RFP30N06LE MOSFET IRLZ34N 2 ordered
PCB 3p connector with key 9 finding better solution
Cable 3p connector with key 9
PCB 2p connector with key 2
Cable connector with key 2
wiring cables B, R, W 15 m
connector insertions 40
Endstop switches 3 ordered
aluminium 5mm sheet for bed and glass 1 500 czk
birch wood 1 300 czk

Replacement belt and pulleys:

Param GT2 HDT 3M T2.5
Belt (not available in Europe) (no pulleys with 5mm inner diameter)
Profile GT2 GT2.jpg HDT 3M 03M.png T2.5
Pitch length 1524.00 mm 1530.00 mm open loop
Teeth 762 510 -
Price ~200 Kc 219.40 Kc 108.50 Kc per meter
Needed qty. 3 3 ~5m
Teeth 40 22 16
Outside Diameter 25.00 mm 21.01 mm  ?
Price ~127 Kc 42,30 kc 140 Kc
Needed qty.  ? 3 3

- Jaw inner diameter: 50mm.



Use .pronsolerc-rostock from (it contains predefined tower macros)

Iterate over and over and...

Flashing FW

Current firmware is available here:

(make sure you are using base48_new_rostock branch)

  • find base48_marlin directory
  • use 'git diff' to check if there are any changes, if there are changes use 'git stash' to store them
  • use 'git fetch' to update the repository
  • use 'git checkout base48_new_rostock' to switch to current branch
  • 'cd Marlin'
  • edit Configuration.h
  • turn off the printer with the green switch
  • unplug and plug-in the USB cable (this has to be done each time you are trying to flash the firmware otherwise you get errors)
  • 'make upload' (make clean all if there are errors & repeat make upload)

Bootstraping firmware directory on your linux machine

  • mkdir fw && cd fw
  • wget
  • tar xzvf *.tar.gz && rm *.tar.gz
  • git clone base48_marlin
  • cd base48_marlin/Marlin
  • git checkout base48_new_rostock
  • make clean all
  • make upload
  • profit