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Ammx +TODO  +
AndroidRE +Android reverzing a základy aplikačního programování  +
AwesomeFedoraRemix +Fedora Remix with Awesome window manager  +


BAD +Base autonomous drone  +
Base48 CNC controller +trololo  +
Batteryless Vape +Vaporiser station with multiple outputs and no need for batteries  +


CNC +Big CNC machine  +
CoaxNotchFilter +Coaxial cable can be used to make a notch filter for a nearby strong interfering station.  +
Cpu +TTL / CMOS based RISC CPU  +
Cryobox +cryogenic box  +
CycloSoundsystem +A lightweight soundsystem usable on a bike for special bike events, spontaneous street parties and deathmetal harrassment  +
Cyclo workbench +Cyclo workbench  +


Dark Mir +TODO  +
DistRap +Distributed Rapid Prototyping  +
DIY Keyboard +DIY Keyboard Manufacturing  +
DP43TF BIOS replacement +I want to repair a mainboard we have, please help supply the CPU to test it with.  +


ElectroLongboard +Electro powered longboard  +
Energy Monitor +Energy monitoring circuit for main power meter  +
ESPhs +ESP8266 support tooling (telnet shell, file uploader, ..)  +
ESPLib +Rapid prototyping library for ESP8266 built on top of NodeMCU  +


FireFly1 robot +FireFly1 robot  +
Flowbox +A semi-clean envorinment for dust-free precision work...  +
FPV Quad +3D printed FPV Quad  +


GoARM +Port Go to pure ARM.  +


Haskell on mcu +haskell on cortex-m3/m4  +
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