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HBot +Bot tracking wiki updates, posting info about each update to IRC channel  + beehive weighting +Beehive weighting IoT device  +
Hrc +RESTful client DSL  +
HTML5 Desktop +HTML5 based desktop & UI toolkit  +


InfraHacking +Infrastructure hacking workshops  +


Kossel +Our Kossel  +
Kossel workshop +Planned Kossel workshop  +


Laser +TEA Laser build  +
LivingInTheConsole +We have members who are not so confident when using the Unix-family's command line. Let's learn together, or from more skilled people too, to become more efficient in the console-world.  +


Math@base +Math workshops every sometimes  +
MemberPortal +Member only portal for tracking the payments and managing personal stuff  +
Modular +DIY modular synthesizer  +
MoreLayers +So you could write a browser that supports JavaScript in Java, and then run the browser in itself?  +
MUSIC 40 +MUSIC 40 audio amplifier  +


Nestihacky +Self-hosted infrastructure for individuals or small organizations  +
NetworkInfrastructure +Internet access to base48  +
New Space +New space research project  +


Off-grid +PCBs design/mfr/assembly/testing for MPPT charging from solar panel, battery balancing/safety  +
OpenStreetMap +Improve OpenStreetMap and/or find an useful application based on it  +


PCB Engraver +PCB Engraver  +
PCBMilling +Milling and drilling PCB's on LinuxCNC  +
Perfect Numbers CXX TMP +A C++ template meta programming implementation to 'calculate' perfect numbers  +
Pick and place +olala  +
Pignus +Fedora based Linux distribution for ARMv6 Raspberry Pi(s)  +
Pipe storage +Pipe rod storage  +
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