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Let's meet and talk about our projects (or whatever)! You can have a short (3-30min) presentation about what you are currently working on, or really any other interesting topic.

Generally every first Wednesday of a month.



  • $you: $your_topic



  • V17: Prototyping small loudspeakers cheaply and easily with foam boards, small supercheap amps - where to buy stuff, what to build
  • V17: optional if there's interest (since there has been some irl): complete basics of photorealistic rendering in Blender using the Cycles renderer - where to start, what to learn
  • skirit: new cnc milling machine
  • quad: brain-computer interfaces
  • hyna: satanic vacuum device


  • srk: zre - p2p LAN network protocol implementation (slides)


  • skirit: lazor
  • b42: super simple diy hydroponics


  • Bistro's favorite medic: first aid/CPR
  • V17: Soundsystem: how & why, a detailed plan [gooby pls, confirmed]


  • trendy: fire fighting and safety
  • b42: first aid @ base (slides,, wikibooks:First_Aid)
  • snajpa & co: making your own PCB with the cnc engraver
  • z: chemical reconnaissance robot progress and plans


  • impure_hate: Pignus ARM build cluster
  • zed: Robot



  • MazeGen: Bytor: executable file protector
  • impure_hate: infrastructure hacking
  • yac: Pixel Delivery - first prototype of my pixel art gravity game - lol at my code while I can still fix it ;)
  • veverak: Tote | second try


  • merlyn, MazeGen: Android crackmes - AndroidRE followup
  • arius: Cyclops(lightning talk); small shoutout Cyklodilna...;
  • merlyn: diploma thesis - tool for pentest tools reports aggregation
  • b42: running your email server (probably)
  • impure_hate: sensor_db, wiki and your fav $EDITOR
  • veverak: Tote
  • hyna: takový menší Maker faire v Brně