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It's not as complicated as it looks like ;)

Variable symbol (Variabilní symbol, VS)

This field must contain your memberID. Register on to get it.

Message for recipient (Zpráva pro příjemce)

This field serves as a payment identification (which period you are paying for) and has mandatory format (case-insensitive), use one of (strftime syntax):

  • %Y/%m
  • %Y/%m-%m

You can chain this specifications (combine them). %Y means year (4 digit number) and %m means month (01-12).


  • 2012/01
  • 2012/1-5
  • 2011/12 2012/1-02
  • 2011-jan (correct is 2011/1)
  • 2011/12-02 (correct is: 2011/12 2012/1-2)
  • 11/01-03 (correct is: 2011/1-3)

There is also possibility to type in this field "clensky prispevek" - use this for standing orders (cz: trvalý příkaz). Payment arrival date then serves as a payment identification (which period you are paying for). F.e. if we receive your payment on January 10th 2012, you will be in for january 2012.


See infromation above. The amount must correspond with what you gave in the "message for recipient".


The payment must have correct variable symbol (your memberID), correct payment specification in the field message for recipient (with proper payment specification) and also must contain proper amount of money.

Thanks to these rules, we can manage payments automatically. If there are any questions, ask someone on our IRC channel.