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(list of possible new spaces (wikipages to be created))
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* [[New Space/Šmeral Brno]]
* [[New Space/Šmeral Brno]]
* [[New Space/the area around Technické muzeum]]
* [[New Space/the area around Technické muzeum]]
* [[New Space/Jana Babaka]]
== online search ==
== online search ==

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Based on the experience of "lodging" in the cellar at Čápkova 48, it would be viable to find a better place.

Let me say that this is still in the research phase and such a move will require voting and discussion of the pros and cons of moving as well as talking about the features of the old and the individual new spaces. --Martian742 22:06, 3 June 2012 (CEST)

problems of the old space (cons)

  • high humidity
  • heating costs, which have to do with the humidity as well
  • accessibility
    • problems with the main lock
  • the renting costs might change, soon (research when)
    • some tenants want to buy their apartments and maybe our space too
    • there are proposed changes in the laws that will cause the rents of city-owned spaces to spike
  • problems with other tenants in the house who have a problem with people coming and going at their will to the base.
  • We have to consider "disturbance of the peace by night" problems, if we want to listen at our times to louder music or anything like that
  • Smell
  • Pigeon shit

pros of the old place

Some people still want to keep the old place, it would be nice to present advantages of staying here, estimate the heating costs for 2012 and make plans for improving the usage of the old place. --Martian742 22:06, 3 June 2012 (CEST)

  • Current rental price (however might be due to change)
    • Negative view on rental price: The high humidity causes a higher rental price because we have to heat the space even if we wouldn't need it for feeling warm enough
    • Negative view on rental price: The high humidity causes our hardware to fail much earlier then it would be in a dry environment => Additional costs
  • Close to city center
  • Very good public transport connections 2 Bus lines, 4 tram lines in very close range

list of possible new spaces (wikipages to be created)

online search

Add links here (or remove them).

real estate agencies