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Tools of survival

man "command" - displays system documentation for "command" apropos "command" - search the manual page names and descriptions

General guides

Sysadmins cheatsheets

Netcat usage


Let's divide the console-based life into several meaningful categories that describe where and how these help to be more efficient.


Window managers

File managers

  • ranger - new concept file manager, does dark magic to show images in terminal

Server-side terminal enhancers (multiplexers)

Text editors




IM clients

  • irssi - IRC client
  • weechat - IRC client - irssi on steroids
  • mcabber - XMPP client
  • finch - libpurple based (same as pidgin) IM client
  • bitlbee - brings libpurple and many other protocols together as your IRC server

Web browsers

Mail clients

Dynamic languages


There's a Linux Journal issue in the cabinet I borrowed from Progressbar that celebrates the use of console-based tools wherever possible. I kinda like the idea and efficiency on the human side as well as on the sometimes-cheap&slow HW side (my favorite netbooks). :D