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** against: 0
** against: 0

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  1. space at Teplárny, FluxBrno, cooperation with city

Meeting minutes

  • present: b42, escaron, hexo, jac0bas, martian, merlyn, ne2b, skirit, smrtak, snajpa, srk, styf, v17, veverak, zed
  • update wrt. fluxcollective (see mailing list)
  • started discussion regarding moving things to new space & what to do with things with unknown owners
  • vote: joing FluxBrno, z.s. and continuing with cooperation w/ city and moving to Špitálka
    • for: 14
    • against: 1
  • vote: delagating skirit and snajpa to act on behalf of base48 withing FluxCollective
    • for: 15
    • against: 0