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Stuff to fix in the hackerspace

Fix stuff and get free Club-Mate! If there's an issue that annoys you put +1 Club-Mate or add your name to the existing reward.

Person fixing the issue gets all the drinks.

Often there are some longstanding issues that no-one cares about but it annoys a lot of people who can't or don't have time to fix it themselves. Hopefully this improves this situation.


  • Window nets (available, need to make frames & installat them)

Shopping list

  • Savo
  • Trash bags (various sizes)

Printer room

  • Fix water, hot water is nice
  • there are no small drill bits (less then 3mm)

H/W room / Bike room

  • Bosch drill is dead (where it is btw?)
  • Get rid of trash (old tires, tubes)

Main room

  • Print 9 coat hooks so that the clothes don't have to hang on the sharp screw thread: 1, 2, 3 or design your own
  • Fix base-open-switch

Soc room

  • sound
  • piratebox
  • get rid of all old computers:


  • bring/buy more plates and cups - plates are already there
  • get a dish drainer