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Item State Ownership
stand drill In place with an auger set for metals. Return augers back to their place. There is a box for blunt ones.
PCB drill Cheap one in place.
bench vice Big one and three smaller in place.
Bulb lights One or two. More wanted! Necessary for precise work and rotary machines.
files A few in place. donated
needle files sufficient amount :)
hacksaw (metal) In place. Spare parts would be great.
welding mask In place + cca 3 glasses martian742
screwdrivers Acceptable amount.
screw/tap Available, unconsistent set.


Many. Few really available for work.

Martian742: Working on stability testing of particular mainboard/RAM/PSU combinations see Equipment/mainboard testing


Item State Ownership
multimeters Low quality in place, only one Capacitance/Inductance meter
scope hexo
laboratory powersource one or two Hyna
stereo In place. rmarko
BusPirate One in place.
Open Logical sniffer One in place.
USBASP AVRprog One in place. Anoq
MSP-FET430UIF One in place.
AVR Dragon One in place. Xprite



(see Network for base48 network setup)

  • Ethernet Cables
  • 8-Port 1 GBit Switch


  • Power Cords - sufficient amount now, thanks:)


For the list of books available in the space, see Library.


High priority


  • soap, caffeine, paper towels
  • soft drinks


  • Stable Shelves which can be used for storing equipment not used properly.


  • DVI cables
    • We could replace few VGA cables on computers/screens that support digital signals.
    • Let's not spend money on this, unless we have to. People, bring any stuff lying around your home.



  • fire extinguishers
  • first aid kit

Wish list

Table prototype. Improve, discuss for changes. Add equipment, there are no limits, it is just a list.

Referential product
Item Qnt. Good Average Best Est. price Usecase
laser cutter 8000 link link link 200K fine machine parts
stable workbenches 1 link link link 10K workshop
  • projector, projection roller
  • laser cutter
  • stable workbenches
  • microdrill stand
  • USB microscope (useful for giving workshops)
  • wattmeter/VA meter
  • signal generator
  • spectrum analyzer
  • good quality RLC multimeters
  • more MCU / HW memory programmers
  • regulated powersources
  • pliers, tweezers, blades, razors
  • magnifiers
  • PCB manufactory stuff (UV lamp, cuprextit, spray layers, lacquer, etching, timer, containers...)
  • laser printer (PCB)
  • more soldering irons, spare tips, solder, flux
  • fume hood
  • grinder
  • vacuum cleaner
  • remote thermometer
  • weight
  • computers
  • transformer welding machine, spare rods
  • lathe machine
  • more TTL USB convertors
  • soldering owen. An old kitchen toaster might be worth trying.
  • batteries Pb, LiPO*
  • reliable charger station
  • Gola set (socket wrench)
  • torx screwdrivers
  • electrostatic protection pad
  • metal cutters
  • angle grinder powertool
  • heat gun
  • refrigerator
  • oblukova pila
  • flexka