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Let's remove the construction mess from our space, so we hopefully lessen the amount of moisture we're dealing with.

If you want to know how to routinely
get rid of garbage separated for recycling,
please visit Recycling.


=== Postponed, sorry guys, next time - car wasn`t available, stay tuned! :)


  • Potion has a friend with a car
  • we will secure a parking spot and load the car during the evening
    • we might need to do it fairly quickly, because the car can't stay there overnight as previously planned

We need

  • more sturdy bags from Bauhaus or such, some of the old ones are ruptured
    • anyone could get this? otherwise --Martian742 will
  • people = manpower = helping hands!

Our parking spot ~660cm in length - removed for now, will be updated

2012-05-29-115816.jpg 2012-05-29-115950.jpg

Where / Contacts to Use

  • at best no biking involved, take a car to "Dufonev, Cernovicke Terasy"
    • said to be the cheapest 250Kc a metric tonne
    • to investigate, find contact info
  • the closest SAKO SSO (Jana Svobody) [1]
    • just 3km from the space = bikeable
    • most probable GPS coords 49°12'14.158"N, 16°37'30.759"E

* ASA Brno [2]