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Oversized Shapeoko 2

In progress rebuild of Shapeoko 2. Scaling to 1x1m workspace.

Cnc IMG 2359 v1 1024.png

Currently required

  • New spindle
  • Vacuum
  • Loctite (X-axis grub screws are coming loose)
  • More tools
  • X-axis cable chain installation
  • Y-axis cable chain
  • Case

New Spindle


Part Required Where to get it Price Bought/Donated
Microcon SX24-3341 Nema23 steppers for Y axis (6.6A) 2 microcon 1439
Microcon SX23-2727 Nema23 stepper for X and Z axes 2 microcon
Driver M542 Bi-polar 2phase 4.2A for X/Y 4 4 * 1670

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