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One-time events

To add an event, create a page with the event name as a title (don't be afraid to use spaces/punctuation). Quickest way to create a new page is to type its name into the search box, click Go, and then Create the page link.

Once editing the new page, place the Event template at the beginning, with the date of the event as an argument. Like this:

{{Event|1970-08-09 10:00}}

The event should now show up in the event list. You should be able to add multiple such templates if the event has multiple dates.

The template has optional parameter image, which allows you to show thumbnail in the event box. The image must be uploaded in the wiki. Example:

{{Event|1970-08-09 11:00|image=Base-small.png}}

Repeating events

Create a page and put the RecurringEvent template at the beginning. The template takes several arguments.

the date of the first event instance
end (optional)
date after which no events of this type occur
how many days between each event
unit (optional)
unit in which the period is counted instead of days (values: week, month, ...)
date description
human-readable desciption of the periodic dates
include (optional)
additional dates to include (; separated)
exclude (optional)
dates to be excluded (; separated)


|start=2013-01-10, 19:00
|date description=Every thursday at 19:00.


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