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The trackpoint type sensor has 4 resistive pieces embedded. They change their resistance insignificantly upon physical force applied to the stick. There are 4 resistors in total, 2 per axis.

the pinout

Trackpoint pinout.jpg
Xaxis+ Yaxis+ Xaxis- Yaxis-
pin1+pin2 pin2+pin3 pin4+pin5 pin5+pin6

The resistance of every segment is approx. 3.2k. It changes +/- 10ohm upon finger-pressure. On the positive part of every axis, the pressure increases the resistance when directed to the right or up.


  • temperature drift:
    • "Due to the significant temperature sensitivity of the force sensors, it is necessary to recalibrate the zero force origin of each axis on a periodic basis."
  • making it talk USB-HID to be compatible with any OS