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--Martian742 00:18, 2 May 2012 (CEST): I'm a passionate biker and I'd like to travel more in the future. I also realized that the most I need from a computer, I can do on an ultra-portable netbook. Therefore I need to be able to use it in various lighting conditions.


  • longer battery life without the backlight
  • having an universal device to travel with that doubles as an e-book reader!


Are there any??

  • slow refresh rate
  • bad readibility indoors while backlight is off
    • although this is probably not an example of intended use

the HW

  • a netbook computer with the original screen size of 10.1"
  • a Pixel Qi "3Qi" screen DIY kit with 1024x600 or 1280x800 pixels depending on the netbook's graphics compatibility
  • what about tearing apart an old notebook and see if we can add something reflective behind the screen?

to investigate

We have an OLPC at our hackerspace. I think it uses the same Pixel Qi technology that I want for my solution. If the contrast is going to be the same, then I'm a bit upset by it's quality. It does not seem to be good enough..
If you want to evaluate with me, boot up the thing and drive the backlight all the way down, it will switch into the black&white reflective mode.
More info suggesting that the reflective mode works best outside under sunlight:

" Furthermore, indoor use without the backlight is difficult at best, even with a direct bright light on the screen. " [1]

documented solutions

One documented solution of netbook with DIY Pixel Qi mod is here: