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Visited the 17th May: Z, V17, arius, MazeGen

problems: needs at least some minimal amount of reconstruction - there's no heating and no bathrooms (there are rooms with necessary plumbing, but no actual toilets etc.), plus there are open vents leading outside that need to be closable/openable, although that could probably be done diy with hard styrene foam etc (there are no windows). This will cost some money and may raise the rent, we will discuss this with the owner.

pros: it's big, there seem to be no problems with humidity, there's an option to plug into the house's air ventilation, it has a dedicated techno room.

questions: WHAT ABOUT ELECTRICITY? We forgot to check that, we have no idea if there's for example 380V. WHAT ABOUT INTERNETS?




What to do next:

1. Inform the owner that the proposed conditions (5000/month, first year in advance, reconstruction to make the space habitable) are acceptable for us. Ask them for rough estimates of heating costs and whether there is optical/good internet connection in the building. Arrange a meeting where more specific contract conditions will be discussed.

2. Figure out financing - we need clear plan how to pay for this. Membership fees will likely be raised to cover the monthly expenses and we need a bunch of cash for the first year rent, moving, furnishing, etc - rough estimate is 100k CZK. There were couple of ideas how to achieve this, we'll need to discuss concrete numbers. Notes:

  • may be able to help with the expenses provided that they can use the space for development server hosting, meetings, etc. However fast internet is a required condition.
  • There is possibility of cooperation with Prototyp Brno.
  • We can try to get some sponsorship from local companies. Perhaps we can convince them that in exchange for cash they get to hang poster/banner/ad in the space which will be seen by potential hires?
  • Some members are willing to loan money to the organization so this might be another possibility where to get money temporarily.

3. Once we have some sort of contract draft AND a viable financial plan, a general meeting will happen where the situation will be explained in detail and there will be a all-member vote whether to do this.

4. Old space lease is revoked, new contract is signed, promised funds are collected. Equipment teleports to the new space & the real fun begins.


Main hall

Main hall

One of passages



Entrance (on the left)

not sure


Cellar Entrance

Corner vent (Vranovská/Francouzská)

Corner vent and Francouzská vent

Ceiling detail

Ceiling detail