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Current state

  • tablet is running fedora + xmonad + basebar
  • two hardware barcode readers available
  • last finishing touches remaining


Alfa version -

Tablet has opensuse on it, xmonad installed with some config which needs more tuning for proper support of on-screen keyboard (eekboard is installed with intent to use). Now it boots directly into basebar application. Webcam should be connected before boot.


  • Barcode recognizer to basebar bridge currently doesn't survive webcam reconnect.
  • SW needs a non creepy way to show/hide on-screen keyboard - clever QT wizardry needed
    • possible to use recently released Qt Virtual Keyboard from QT5
  • xmonad.hs support for OSK (ewhm maybe?)

add more here

Whiteboard dump

Trapas bar

  • tablet + webcam
  • scan barcode with ^
  • take picture and send to server
  • save picture option
  • awards & records

Similar projects

  • brmbar @ brmlab
    • seems to be usable for our purpose
    • we'd have write module for scanning barcodes using camera
    • and either make the qt4 ui run on the tablet or write a web app to do this