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News 2013-04-11 +The [[Regular base48 session|Tuesday event]] is no longer an electronics session. Come and do whatever you want!  +
News 2013-07-03 Club-mate +Club-mate has been finally restocked, making it possible to maintain the right blood caffeine content again.  +
News 2015-01-28 not dead +We're not dead (though this wiki is not used very much). If you want to know what's up, visit our [[Base48:Community_portal#IRC|IRC channel]]! You might also find some news on [ this facebook page] or [ this blog].  +
News 2016-02-25 +We meet (mostly) every first Wednesday of a month. [[Project night|Come see us!]] There's also [[REbejs|reverse engineering workshop]] every other Thursday.  +
News Launchpads +New toys arrived. Number of TI Launchpads, both [ msp430] and arm based ([ Stellaris]) available.  +
News MB Testing +Established a mainboard testing effort: [[Equipment/mainboard_testing]]  +
News MW Update +Mediawiki updated to resolve spam issues - solved with [ ConfirmEdit] extension. If you hit a bug, please stop by on our [[Base48:Community_portal#IRC|IRC]] channel and let us know.  +
News PCBMilling +[[PCBMilling]] tutorial is now finished. Come and make some PCBs!  +
News SMW +Now running with [ Semantic MediaWiki] extension.  +
News Stop ACTA +ACTA has to be stopped. [[File:Stop acta evilissimo.jpg|300px|thumb|none|He knows that]]  +
News StripeCTF +Don't miss this addictive [ security contest]!  +
News Summer 2012 +There's a number of events planned in our vicinity, events created with hackers in mind. Let's see if we want to [[Events around us|go anywhere]] this summer.  +
News Unixtime +At 11:01:20 UTC Unix time was 0x50000000 :-)  +