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Pipe storage for rod shape materials was designed to improve space utilization in our workshop and save time spent searching for materials. Storage is made out of particle boards frame and 2 lenghts of plastic pipes to accomodate both long and shortened rods. Short stubs should be stored in Samla boxes. Base and holder boards were bought as same custom cutted board in Hornbach. Holes were cutted in hackerspace. Work was powered by Club Mate and various forms of potato with pepper sauce :-)

Total cost: 524 CZK

Build time: 2 hacking evenings


Pipe storage full.jpg Pipe storage empty.jpg Pipe storage tools.jpg
Pipe storage rasp.jpg Pipe storage particle board.jpg Pipe storage power source.jpg


part pcs drawing material supplier price/1pcs [CZK]
base board 1 Media:pipe_storage_base.pdf particle board 480 x 320 x 12 Hornbach 36
holder board 1 Media:pipe_storage_holder.pdf particle board 480 x 320 x 12 Hornbach 36
HTEM pipe L250 D50 12 - - Hornbach 17
HTEM pipe L500 D50 12 - - Hornbach 19
dowel pins 4 - 16 mm dia. oak rod Cupak domaci dilna 20