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We need more layers

aka Software Abusement

'So you could write a browser that supports JavaScript in Java, and then run the browser in itself?' -- linuxgeek64

The goal of this project is to layer as most programming languages as possible on top of each other and do the performance comparison vs. bare metal.

E.g.: whitespace in ruby (jruby) in java in javascript in ...


  • find available sw
  • create dependency graph

What we have:

  • partially done comic sans tunnel ( )- it's missing integration with python connection mux. It is a very-low-performance tunnel - concurrent application written in bash, with a bits on python, OCR and ImageMagick

What we want:

  • Piet VM in linux kernel - reqs. are C/JS to Piet transpiler, Omega Piet VM, related kernel insight
  • storage: COW, snapshoting, dedup'd fs in PostgreSQL with a table per file(?). with service running in python on top of Jython, running in Doppio, running in Rhino, running in JVM, running in x86 emulator written in AWK, with memory management done externally (yes, pipes/stdin-stdout) in Ruby. the thing itself should be FUSE mountable. now think of running this tower pinned to a Piet CPU provided by the thing above! also, this thing can be arbitrarily split to abuse whole ecosystem in a more elegant way (i.e. to be waaaay slower).