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Guide is outdated and doesn't need to correspond to reality. Autoritative information at Internal rules

Guide to becoming full featured member

  1. Download, compile and fill application form [1] or [2]
  2. Give it to any member of base, preferably chairman
  3. Register at base48 member portal
  4. Subscribe to public and members mailinglists (and any other list you see fit) at [3]
  5. Be active for following 2 months (and afterwards.. :))
  6. Pay member fees for following 2 months - keep Payments_format!
  7. After 2 months, write mail to members[at] stating that you want to become full featured member (topic: "Membership, keys, $YOUR_NICK")
  8. Wait for council decision (min. 51% of council members must agree)
  9. Receive keys (for approx. 150 CZK)


We are non profit organization, we need to pay rent for our living (hacking) space and also we want to have some budget for buying stuff for our hackerspace. Thus, we need membership payments. This page describes how to pay.


  • 500 Kč per month
  • 250 Kč per month (students)

If you think you can't afford membership, get in touch with the council, they might be able to give you a discounted membership depending on circumstances.

Money should be transferred to the bank account, we mention on our web pages [4]. This bank transfer must follow rules mentioned on Payments_format (otherwise it will not be recognized by our automatized payment maintainer).

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