Meeting Minutes - 2012-07-12

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Arius has an idea to build DIY projector. But it takes a lot of effort and time. According to (1) we already "have" money for the new one. As we known, our wet hole is not the best place for electronics, maybe we should wait with buying till the new space. Decision needed!

Bike repair equipment

"cyklodnílna" is project which really running and need financial support. This support shouldn't be for consumables material, but for tools and equipment. Expected budget?

New space on Masna street

advantages/disadvantages. - action plan.


Dejvo was our contact person for Pelech. Is someone other in contact with them?

Club mate

We need to find cheap supplier. Due to the fact, that we are not able to arrange a car for cleanup of "světlík", the new clubmate is only a dream By the way - we have a debt of three empty crates (wao progressbar).

"Světlík" cleanup

As I heard many times - I have friend with car... We are lazy bitches, our only solution is pay for a container 10000000000000000CZK

FIO scraper

project status. Must be done before VH since we need to know exact count of members.


Design? Are we satisfied with our current logo? Color? Sizes?

Where did the money from Pelech go?

Will Alexej step down? Wiki migration

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