Meeting Minutes - 2012-06-03

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Active Members

  • How to determine the member count?
  • pause the membership for the inactive members
  • ask everyone honestly if they feel like member
  •  ! action (rmarko): tell revision comittee to ask Alexej to call UVH
  •  ! action (hexo): send an email with payment info to both old and new mailing list

| -> state there that people have to pay if they want to vote


  •  ! action (new chairman) has to create new version of the rules (stanovy) and put it on github for the revision committee to review it within one month

new space

  • there is a risk they will kick us out
  • space too small
  •  ! action (martian742): check zbrojovka
  •  ! action (martian742): create the set of pages for possible locations (new project)
  •  ! action (rmarko): add maps extension to wiki

better key copies

  •  ! action (hexo): make better copies


  • tied to the new space


  •  ! action (Hyna): send an email about buying projector

foreign members incorporation

  • take session notes in english
  •  ! action (xanthix): translate legal stuff (stanovy)

payment tracking

  • in progress (rmarko)