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Field trip!

We are invited for a visit in MCAE Systems - local company in Kuřim which is selling professional 3d printers and 3d scaners from Stratasys. Most of them are high-tech machines used in industry + since Makerbot was bought by Stratasys - they have them there as well. For sure its quite unique opportunity to see such company and all the printers - so dont be shy and come with us for a field trip!


Fill your name here:

Meeting point: at 10am here:

Duration: cca 90 minutes.

If you would like to attend this field trip let us know. So far we have just one car for this trip so if you are able to give somebody a lift let us know. The train connection between Brno and Kuřim is decent as well.


Please fill the form before Monday 22:00.

More info will be added soon, the date can be changed. For further info please contact PetrSvetr.