General assembly 2019-04-09

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  1. defining rules for smoking in the hackerspace
  2. CNC
  3. new space

Meeting minutes

list of attendants

  1. martian
  2. b42
  3. bistro
  4. xanthix
  5. snajpa
  6. zdenek
  7. skirit
  8. V17
  9. ne2b
  10. trendy
  11. zed
  12. honza
  13. baska
  14. smrtak
  15. sorki
  16. styf

accepted rule about smoking

Smoking / not smoking depends on the crew that is assembled at any given moment in Base.

People are encouraged to talk to each other to establish a consensus any moment.

But generally, the smoker/initiator is expected to "ask before launching".

Even one person who objects "particulate production" in the space can haz veto.

Vote: 11 members for accepting; against: 0, did not vote: 5

CNC discussion

We will move in near future, should we delay buying any expensive devices? YES (this has been decided without actually voting = consensus)

new space planning

  • consensus that we move (all attendees agreed)
  • should we keep old space?
    • to be offered to members individually or given back to Brno
  • planning money: memberships, additional vouches from members, startups will chip in around 50%?

Vote about move: 15 for; 0 against; 1 did not vote