General Meeting 2015-10-15 20:00

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The date "2015-10-15 20:0" was not understood.

Meeting minutes

  • Signing attendance sheet.
  • Chairman election.
    • Candidates: b42, snajpa
    • Secret vote.
    • b42: 6 votes, snajpa: 4 votes
    • New chairman: b42
  • Council election.
    • Candidates: hexo, snajpa, sorki
    • Secret vote.
    • hexo: 9, snajpa: 9, sorki: 9 (upside down it's 666 which means satan approves)
    • New council: hexo, snajpa, sorki
  • Information about becoming member and getting keys.
    • It's on the wiki on Internal rules page, please tell new potential members about it.
    • Every member should be subscribed to the members list.
  • Plans for future?
    • Discussion about organizing a project show night. First thursday every month suggested.
  • Member portal.
    • Not all members are in the memberportal.
    • We should track whoever has keys.
    • We should remove non-members from members mailing list.
  • Electronic lock.
    • Should provide better access control combined with the bars & entrance door.
    • Sorki will send details to ML.
  • Please turn off the light near the bars (until automated system is implemented).