General Meeting 2013-08-06 20.00

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Dear members,

our grand meeting will be

6th of August, Tuesday, 20.00 evening at Capkova 48.


  • organizational (note taker, program, verifier ...)
  • vote for approval of this program
  • sum up of the passed year
    • room for council members
    • report from revision committee
  • propositions on new members for bodies whose mandate ends
  • room for the proposed people to share their ideas
  • vote for the new bodies
  • Propositions on current charter state
  • vote for new charter
  • Pelech - are they still willing/able to share the place with us? And we with them? (I've heard some people from Pelech are leaving CZ for a longer time)
  • switching off the light on toilet (lets make "On air" indicator :)
  • proposal of letter we could send to organization and ask for donations/support (mainly internet connection, electricity, ...)
  • any other topics you add on this wiki page and will be approved by vote of the grand meeting
  • Conclusion of the meeting

Few notes

  • One third of members must be present to be able to take resolutions.
  • The meeting summary/notes have to be in czech for bureaucratic purposes.
  • I wont run for chairman this year.


6. srpna 2013, v 20.00 vecer na Capkova 48 se kona vlana hromada. Budou se volit nove organy.

People willing to help with organizing needed

  • note taker(s): b42
  • note verifier(s):
  • moderator(s):

Meeting minutes

  • vote: is shady already a member fit for voting?
    • vote: 10 for / 2 against
  • program approval
    • vote: 13 for / 0 against
  • summary of the previous year
    • members' impression overall positive
  • voting for chairman
    • cubz endorses Hyna & sorki
    • no willing candidates
    • council will schedule new grand meeting where we'll attempt to choose the chairman again
  • propositions for changing the charter
    • nobody proposed anything
    • (no vote needed)
  • Pelech
    • rumor about majority of Pelech leaving the country proved irrelevant
    • planning to move to different place in the future, nothing concrete
      • one of the potential places might be big enough to move there with them
      • arius will check it out
    • rent/energies payment
      • (previously agreed to pay for 1/4 energies)
      • owed rent transferred to arius
  • toilet - switch is upside down which possibly causes the light to be turned on needlessly
    • present members informed about this in the hope of improvement
  • proposal for letter asking for donations
    • nobody has any proposal
    • discussion about fundraising/propagation, to be continued on the mailing list
  • conclusion