General Meeting 2013-02-26 19:30

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From the initiative of council members I call in a general meeting of our organization. It is going to happen on February 26th, 2013, 19:30, at Capkova 48.


  • organizational
    • attendance sheet
    • introduction of the program
    • proposition to the voting procedures
    • public vote about the procedures
    • volunteers for note-taker, verifier, vote-counter
    • motions on vacant positions
    • if there is at least one willing person on each of the three positions, public vote to confirm
    • formulation and recording of the resolution
    • objections
  • Alexej's future
    • statement of the problem
    • room for Alexej's opinion
    • members comments
    • secret vote about Alexej's membership termination
    • formulation and recording of the resolution
    • objections
  • Electing a new member of revision commission
    • statement of the problem
    • room for current members of revision commission (opinions, resignations)
    • motions and volunteers for new revision commission member
    • secret vote about new member of RC
    • formulation and recording of the resolution
    • objections
  • Propositions on current Stanovy state
    • motions to changes to the charter
    • discussion
    • separate public vote on every motion that has been formulated by certain proposer
    • recording of the resolutions
    • objections
  • Buy out of this (current) place
    • statement of the problem
    • open discussion
  • Status of move to Masná
    • update on the state (last meeting we voted to move there - let's at least state that it's no longer the plan)
    • open discussion if needed
  • Sharing the space with Pelech
    • statement of the problem
      • the number of people in both groups are increasing - how long before the place becomes too crowded?
      • the sooner we start to look for a solution, the less disruption to normal function of both groups
    • open discussion
  • Conclusion of the meeting
    • signatures on the meeting notes

People willing to help with organizing needed

  • note taker(s): rmarko
  • note verifier(s): arius
  • moderator(s): evilissimo