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Bistro got contact for somebody that can sell us fillament from fillamentum. So making collective order would be preferable.

Expected prices: ELASTIC 1,75 MM


PLA 1,75MM:

Everybody‘s Magenta (469 KČ) 
Melon Yellow (379 Kč)
Traffic Purple (379 Kč)

and soon we will get full list

Idea is that on Friday 26. we would send an order.

Type Amount Cost Username
random PLA 1.75 2 379*2 CZK User:Squirrel
White or Yellow or Black (whichever first is available) PLA 1.75 1 379 CZK User:Adluc
red PLA 1.75, yellow PLA 1.75, green PLA 1.75 3 379*3 CZK User:Rmarko
Black PLA 1.75mm 2 379 * 2 CZK User:Alexej
Please leave this placeholder in place :-) 0 0 CZK User:Place